CHLSA Spirit Awards


History of the Spirit Awards

The Spirit awards were inaugurated by the Chicano/Hispanic Law Students’ Association to celebrate those individuals who exemplify the spirit of our organizational goals of recruitment, promotion and community service. These individuals have committed themselves to building the value of our communities and serve as our models of success.
Every year, the organization awards four awards at the CHLSA Banquet and Silent Auction.

Spirit of Culture
The SPIRIT OF CULTURE Award is given to an individual whose creativity and effort has enhanced Hispanic/Latin arts, promoting its use, and expanding its status within American society, reminding us of the wealth and beauty within our own culture.

Spirit of Community
The SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY Award is given to an individual who has devoted themselves to uplifting our collective communities, and helping others to realize the resources and strengths within them. This individual exemplifies what it means to work towards empowering our community, and serves as an example of the responsibility that we have to each other.

Spirit of Leadership
The SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP Award is given to an individual whose visionary leadership has helped to break down old barriers to create new opportunities for Hispanic communities. This individual reminds us that each one of us can make a difference in the lives of others by leveraging our own strengths and building bridges with others to ensure social equity.

Spirit of Education
The SPIRIT OF EDUCATION Award is given to an individual whose life’s work has been to ensure that educational opportunities exist for all, helped so many achieve their goal and potential, and who has taught us the value of hard work and the responsibility we have to each subsequent generation.

In addition to the above awards, the organization also gives one very special award:

Spirit of CHLSA
The SPIRIT OF CHLSA Award is the only award that is not given yearly. This award is only given once every three years and is presented to one individual who exemplifies the truest spirit of all the ideals to which the organization holds itself, including commitment to our communities, leadership, and promoting civic and cultural pride. This individual has forged new paths and stands as an inspiration to us all. The next such award is scheduled to be awarded at the 2013 event.